IFIP WG 7.3 Performance 2013

31st International Symposium on Computer Performance, Modeling, Measurements and Evaluation 2013

September 24-26, Vienna, Austria

Conference Program

Monday, September 23, 2013

17:00 - 20:00Pre-Registration and Welcome at OCG

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

8:30Registration desk opens
9:00Welcome Session
Announcement of Best Paper and Best Student Paper awards.
9:30Key Note 1: Session Chair: Richard Gibbens
Ad-auctions: where game theory meets machine learning and computer science
Peter Key (Microsoft Research, Cambridge UK)
10:30Coffee break
11:00Session 1: Data Management and Modeling. Session Chair: Mark Squillante
Performance of garbage collection algorithms for flash-based solid state drives with hot/cold data
Benny Van Houdt (University of Antwerp)
 Generating Request Streams on Big Data using Clustered Renewal Processes
Cristina L. Abad (UIUC), Mindi Yuan (UIUC), Chris X. Cai (UIUC), Yi Lu (UIUC), Nathan Roberts (Yahoo!), Roy H. Campbell (UIUC)
 Joint Optimization of Overlapping Phases in MapReduce
Minghong Lin (California Institute of Technology), Li Zhang (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center), Adam Wierman (California Institute of Technology), Jian Tan (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)
14:00Session 2: Control and Approximation. Session Chair: Dan Rubenstein
Bounds on the deviation of discrete-time Markov chains from their mean-field model
Luca Bortolussi (University of Trieste), Richard Hayden (Imperial College London)
 Scaled Control in the QED Regime
A.J.E.M. Janssen (Eindhoven University of Technology), J.S.H. van Leeuwaarden (Eindhoven University of Technology), J. Sanders (Eindhoven University of Technology)
 Stochastic Optimal Control for a Class of General Dynamic Resource Allocation Problems
Xuefeng Gao (Georgia Institute of Technology), Yingdong Lu (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center), Mayank Sharma (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center), Mark S. Squillante (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center), Joost W. Bosman (CWI)
15:30Coffee break
16:00Student Poster session
17:00End day 1
19:00Main Evening Event at the Juridicum, Talk Martin Reiser

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

8:30Registration Desk opens
9:00Key Note 2: Session Chair: Richard Gibbens
Decentralised Constraint Satisfaction
Douglas Leith (Hamilton Institute, Ireland)
10:00Coffee break
10:30Session 3: Pricing and Demand Management. Session Chair: Rudesindo Núñez Queija
Online Capacity Provisioning for Carbon-Neutral Data Center with Demand-Responsive Electricity Prices
A. S. M. Hasan Mahmud (Florida International University), Shaolei Ren (Florida International University)
 Data Center Demand Response: Avoiding the Coincident Peak via Workload Shifting and Local Generation
Zhenhua Liu (California Institute of Technology), Adam Wierman (California Institute of Technology), Yuan Chen (HP Labs), Benjamin Razon (California Institute of Technology), Niangjun Chen (California Institute of Technology)
 Price Differentiation and Control in the Kelly Mechanism
Yudong Yang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Richard T. B. Ma (National University of Singapore), John C. S. Lui (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
 Heavy-Traffic Revenue Maximization in Parallel Multiclass Queues
Jonatha Anselmi (Basque Center for Applied Mathematics (BCAM)), Giuliano Casale (Imperial College London)
14:00Session 4: Short Papers. Session Chair: Benny Van Houdt
Scheduling in polling systems in heavy traffic
R. Bekker (VU University Amsterdam), J.L. Dorsman (Eindhoven University of Technology), R.D. van der Mei (CWI), P. Vis (CWI), E.M.M. Winands (University of Amsterdam)
 YOUQMON: A System for On-line Monitoring of YouTube QoE in Operational 3G Networks
Pedro Casas (FTW Vienna), Michael Seufert (FTW Vienna), Raimund Schatz (FTW Vienna)
 Parallel queueing networks with Markov-modulated service speeds in heavy traffic
Jan-Pieter Dorsman (Eindhoven University of Technology, CWI), Maria Vlasiou (Eindhoven University of Technology, CWI), Bert Zwart (CWI, VU University Amsterdam, Eindhoven University of Technology, Georgia Institute of Technology)
 Corrected phase-type approximations for the workload of the MAP/G/1 queue with heavy-tailed service times
Eleni Vatamidou (TU/e), Ivo Adan (TU/e), Maria Vlasiou (TU/e), Bert Zwart (CWI)
 Optimizing Energy Management in Multi-Core Servers
Naser Mohammad (University of Amsterdam), Michel Mandjes (University of Amsterdam), Anwar Walid (Bell Laboratories Alcatel-Lucent)
 Spreading rumours in Euclidean space
Dieter Fiems (Ghent University), Koen De Turck (Ghent University)
15:30Coffee break
16:00Session 5: Stochastic Processes and Queueing. Session Chair: Rob van der Mei
Product-forms in batch networks: approximation and asymptotics
Peter Harrison (Imperial College London), Richard Hayden (Imperial College London), William Knottenbelt (Imperial College London)
 Dynamic fluid-based scheduling in a multi-class abandonment queue
M. Larranaga (LAAS, INP), U. Ayesta (LAAS), I.M. Verloop (IRIT)
 Lookahead Actions in Dispatching to Parallel Queues
Esa Hyytia (Aalto University)
17:30End day 2
20:00Evening Event at s'Pfiff
Presentation of Best Paper and Best Student Paper Awards

Thursday, September 26, 2013

9:00Session 6: Resources and Retransmission. Session Chair: Myjungin Lee
Design and evaluation of overloaded service systems with skill based routing, under FCFS policies
Ivo Adan (Eindhoven University of Technology), Marko Boon (Eindhoven University of Technology), Gideon Weiss (University of Haifa)
 A Simple Index Rule for Efficient Traffic Splitting over Parallel Wireless Networks with Partial Information
J.W. Bosman (CWI), G.J. Hoekstra (CWI, Thales), R.D. van de Mei (CWI, VU University of Amsterdam), S. Bhulai (University of Amsterdam)
 Delay Performance in Random-Access Grid Networks
A. Zocca (Eindhoven University of Technology), S. C. Borst (Eindhoven University of Technology), J. S. H. van Leeuwaarden (Eindhoven University of Technology), F. R. Nardi (Eindhoven University of Technology)
 Retransmissions over Correlated Channels
Predrag R. Jelenkovic (Columbia University), Evangelia D. Skiani (Columbia University)
11:00Coffee break
11:30Closing Session
12:30End day 3

Friday, September 27, 2013

9:00 - 17:00IFIP Workshop at OCG